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Network Security Threats

Most businesses view their website as one of their biggest assets, but it can also be the biggest vulnerability if if you’re not protected from network security threats. Network security threats/risks are such a problem as you may not be aware of an issue until the damage has been done.  If you haven’t already, you need to start protecting your organisations’ network now. 


Seeing these threats as random attacks that can only be stopped after they occur is an expensive view to take, a the level of effort and expense to resolve attacks can be massive.  However, most attacks are coordinated and somewhat predictable. Cyber criminals often use the same methods of entry and similar types of attacks to steal data or money.

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Audit and Review

Makarov Intelligence provides a Cybersecurity Audit and Review service which gives an in-depth evaluation of an organisation’s cyber security posture in detail with regard to its compliance with the required security objectives, policies, standards and processes. The service is designed for both public and private-sector organisations.  The Cybersecurity Audit and Review service has the objective of assisting  our clients to achieve their required compliance of standards, policies and processes by providing them with an independent comprehensive risk and compliance audit assessment. 

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Technological Environment

All cyber systems are built using the physical hardware of the semiconductor chips found in all modern electronics, computers, communications networks and other critical infrastructure. These chips are becoming faster, cheaper and more powerful, and this has enabled the rise of artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), and autonomous systems as key technologies of the future.  Cybersecurity technological environment risk management has become a compliance requirement for those in the critical infrastructure industries.  This is because for those in the critical infrastructure space, a cyber-attack can also pose physical threats. 

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Protocol Enforcement

Makarov design Risk Management systems to withstand not just the best possible circumstances, but also the worst.  As part of this system an organisations’ information cybersecurity protocol enforcement must be designed to withstand a breakdown in the usual flows of data and information.  Recent research on cybersecurity illustrates that a great number of security breaches take place because of human error. That is why educating your employees and adopting security practices that alleviate the risks is essential to keeping your organisation safe. 

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Employee Preparation

Organisations are not training their workers for cybersecurity risks.  Without ‘Cybersecurity Employee Preparation’ workers don’t know how to recognise a security threat they cannot be expected to avoid it, to report it or remove it. An organisation may have firewalls and security software, but it’s just not enough. As employees, not technology, are the most common entry points for phishers.  Unless  your organisations’ employees have participated in cybersecurity training programs, as humans employees are liable to make mistakes, be trusting of fake identities, tempted by clickbait, and vulnerable to tactics used by cyber criminals to gain access to company information.  

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Data Asset Monitoring

Data Asset Monitoring is key to understanding the value of corporate assets and fundamental to cybersecurity risk management. Only when the true value is known can the correct level of security be applied. Most security and IT problems begin with visibility.  Overseeing security aspects of the configuration of such resources is the practice of cybersecurity asset management.  To address security issues, you must discover the gaps, and to do that you need a comprehensive and reliable inventory of your asset. Therefore, cybersecurity asset management involves:


  1. Obtaining and continually updating an accurate inventory of all IT resources.
  2. Discovering security gaps related to the asset’s presence or configuration.
  3. Enforcing security requirements to rapidly address the identified gaps.

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Risk Monitoring

The key to creating a safe computing environment is electing and following the appropriate ‘Cyber Risk-Based Monitoring’ assessment methodology. However, assessing risk and recognising the rate of return is a time-consuming task to accomplish. Thus, it often does not become a priority for many businesses and corporations. Determining risk can be a complicated task due to limited resources and a constantly changing threat landscape. Because of this, IT security experts must have a toolset to help them create a comprehensive view with regards to the potential impact of different IT security related threats and attacks. This toolset should be reliable, and cost-effective. 

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